Let's Activate - Social Media video promotion project. 

My roll: Camera, interviewer, editing, music.

The task: 1 short "documentary" style video explaining what "Let's Activate" is about and how it was developed. 

Execution: Interview creators, instructors and parents, combine interviews with footage of clinics to create a positive and meaningful narrative for the brand. 

Additional tasks:

  • Use existing footage to create additional short video clips to promote clinics. 

  • Film a "Let's Activate Party" clinic and create a video promo. 


Gift of Bread - promotional video, 2018

Creating a meaningful video using only old and poor footage shot on charity volunteer's phones. 

Task: Create a promotional video demonstrating the charitable works of the Gift Of Bread using completely pre-existing (and mostly poor footage). 

I used footage of volunteers packing bread along with interviews of the beneficiaries to create a narrative tying all aspects of the charity together.  

I also took the audio from a series of old interviews, cut out select quotes to support the narrative and combined it with text, graphics and images.

Additional work:

Animated the existing logo, added music that would support the story. 

Rome Logo 2.png

Rome Pilgrimage - Promo trailer and filming of tour, 2015. 

Task: Film and produce promotional material for Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney - Rome Pilgrimages. 

  • Filmed and edited the entire project. 

  • Wrote and produced underscore music for each chapter of the DVD. 

  • Interviewed pilgrims after tour and tied it into the film. 

  • Designed/created the DVD menu and authored the DVD. 

  • Designed the DVD artwork

  • Designed the official Rome Pilgrimage Logo and all promotional material between 2015 and 2017. 

Sahtain cover.png

Sahtain! - charity Lebanese cookbook for Marrickville Council. 2016

Taking recipes and photos and designing it into a professional cookbook.

  • Edit photos in Photoshop

  • Use Adobe InDesign to layout recipes and pictures correctly

  • Design cover 

  • Prepare book for printing in correct format with bleed and colour bars