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Anthony Costa is a multi-skilled content creator specialising in children’s and family brands. His skills extend from music composer and producer to graphic design and video production. Anthony is also a brand creator and developer having created the music brand and TV show Two By 2 (currently airs on TV in 122 million homes across the US and 1.3 billion homes internationally). Anthony also had a very influential role within the TV show “Team Rescue” which airs on ABC kids in Australia.

Since 2016, Anthony has been a frequent collaborator with Greg Page (Original Yellow Wiggle), producing songs, designing, filming and editing for social media and youtube and developing new brands/IP for future TV shows. In addition to this, Anthony has worked with Australian Cricketer Shane Watson and former Managing Director of Fremantle Media, Paul O’Hanlon.

In 2020, Anthony became the lead producer/creative for new Catholic streaming platform "The Well". Producing new shows for all ages. Developing shows like "FaithFlix" and "My Journey Our Journey" which have been adopted internationally across schools and church ministries. 

Anthony has also pushed the boundaries of Live Stream conferences. Turning normally mundane zoom conferences into live stream events that engage, inspire and entertain. Anthony has produced international streaming events to over 30,000 people. All done, on a shoe-string budget! 

In June of 2021, Anthony is set to launch his new Digital Ministry Agency focusing on supporting Christian organisations in all of their digital endeavours. 

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The Well ( is the Catholic Digital Streaming Platform designed to push ministry and educational resources into the digital age for the Diocese of Parramatta. As the lead content creator, Anthony develops shows, documentaries, presentations and live streaming events/conferences with the goal of engaging, entertaining and informing. This approach has led The Well to quickly become the premier Catholic Streaming platform with wide acclaim across Australia and overseas.  



Anthony has become a frequent collaborator with Greg Page, the original Yellow Wiggle. In 2016, Greg contracted Anthony as his Executive Producer of Creative, Music and Production. These duties included developing new IP, producing and composing music, video pre and postproduction and all forms of digital design.


Within this brand alone, Anthony has written and produced over 60 songs across 3 albums and 2 sound tracks (one to be released in August 2019), filmed and edited two TV series and 1 web series, filmed and created social media campaigns designed all graphics and effects for the show and all visual presence of the brand (website, social media, advertising etc). Anthony’s hard work and dedication to the brand has led to partnerships with Hillsong Publishing, Centa IP Licencing, Daystar TV, Trinity Broadcasting Network and more.


Like with Two By 2, Anthony carried many roles within this project. He produced and co-wrote the music for the show with Original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page. He also filmed and edited the show, produced all the design work including, logo, sets, graphics etc. In June 2019, Team Rescue debuted on Australian TV through ABC Kids.



Children’s sports clinic brand “Let’s Activate” created by former Australian cricketer Shane Watson and Original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page. Anthony produced all the music for the clinics, many of the brand assets and all video promotional material for social media. This included filming clinics, interviewing parents and creating a short documentary about the clinics and development of the brand.


In 2018 Anthony co-developed children’s brands for Singapore based company JumpStart Asia – founded by former Managing Director at Fremantle Media, Paul O’Hanlon. His roles included co-creating the brands, all visual / character design, co-composing of theme songs and production of theme songs.



In 2017 Anthony co-developed a new brand called “Imagination Factory” with major American toy company, Jakks Pacific. This led to Anthony collaborating with Jakks in-house CGI animators to produce a promotional sizzle reel. Anthony filmed the live action elements of the clip and also edited the entire clip together combining both the live action and CGI footage into one seamless video. Anthony also produced the music theme song in which the video was set to.